UAV Challenge Diary (Day 4)

By | September 30, 2016

Today was a free day for us, as the UAV Challenge finished yesterday. As the original event schedule had today as a bad weather contingency day, we’d arranged to be in Dalby for the day anyway.

The morning was spent doing a few extra interviews and photos with the videographer from the BBC, who has been covering the event this week. Hopefully he’s got enough footage for a decent documentary on the UAV Challenge!

After that, we spent some time chatting with a few other teams still in Dalby and providing some advice and technical assistance with the Ardupilot/MAVProxy software.

There’s now plenty of new photos of the UAV Challenge in our Flickr account (, most of which were taken by Darrell Burkey.

Tomorrow we start the long road back to Canberra, and then back to our normal lives!