What goes up…

By | May 8, 2018
Life at the cutting edge can be bumpy! We were testing a new method of using small flight controllers in each wing to improve data management, give us the ability to monitor the ESCs in flight and reduce wiring. We have also fitted new BLHeli ESCs to the vertical lift motors, which give us the ability to output the monitoring data that we need.
The OctoPorter flew well in the first two flights of the day in very low altitude hovers while we checked loiter and basic hovering. We pushed it up to 5 meters for our third test hover of the day.
This picture speaks for itself!

Our follow up investigation shows that the ESCs clearly ceased functioning properly at almost the same exact time, but we’re still trying to figure out why. Neither of them is working now, and they both show the same symptom of not booting and just getting really hot, focussed on the Microprocessor.
A new starboard wing is required and another look at those ESCs. The 5hrs for the next UAV Challenge deliverable will have to wait for now…